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Top 10 most popular tactical boots

As you know, shoes are one of the main elements of tactical equipment. The ability to easily overcome rugged terrain, to be comfortable, to have good protection. Good tracking shoes should have all of these properties. Today we will consider the ten most popular models of tactical boots.  Visit for best tactical gear on the Web
#10 Original SWAT

In tenth place are Original SWAT products. These firm was founded in 1999 in the USA. Initially, the goal was to produce high-quality tactical shoes for law enforcement officers, military and special units. The company's slogan is a combination of functionality and convenience of shoes. In the assortment there are various tracking boots, varying in height, waterproof, with additional protection and others. A distinctive feature of the company is that the top of most shoes is made of leather and the bottom of durable nylon. Models are presented with both side zippers and laces. The most popular Hawk model. The main color of…

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